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About MEDIHERE’s Services
We connect Koreans in the U.S. with board certified family medicine physicians online in Korean and English. We offer unlimited telemedicine and prescription services at a reasonable price for the ones who cannot visit doctors due to expensive medical expenses.

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See a doctor anytime, and anywhere!

'$199/yr $119/yr'
We connect Koreans living abroad with Korean medical doctors with more than 10-year career and provide primary care consultation service. Primary care, second opinion, health consultation, medication guidance and more
30% Discount on the plan!
See a doctor anytime, and anywhere!
'₩14,200/mo ₩9,940/mo'

Meet Your Own PCP

Whenever You Are Sick and

Wherever You Are!

(via chat/video call)

MEDIHERE Membership
Meet your own PCP whenever you are sick or curious about your health.(via chat/video call)
High Accuracy with the Help of AI
AI-powered medical questionnaires enhances the accuracy of the service
MDs with 10-year+ career
Telemedicine, health consultation, prescription, second opinion services with specialties in family medicine and pediatrician.

Continuous Health Management 

at a Reasonable Price

Stay healthy with MEDIHERE’s MDs with 10-year+ career

Accurate and convenient 

AI-powered medical questionnaire 

It delivers your medical information accurately to the PCPs.
Meet your own PCP anytime and anywhere at a reasonable price

MEDIHERE Membership

Your Own PCP Is on Standby

User Review

​"It was useful when I was sick"

Cold medicine hadn’t worked for me, so I used MEDIHERE and a PCP suggested me an appropriate medication, and I got well soon.

​"Whenever, and wherever"

An acute rash had bothered me, but thanks to MEDIHERE, I has gone away shortly.

​"Affordable price, optimal option!"

High medical expenses kept me away from doctors, but on MEDIHERE, I could meet them online at an affordable price.

Website for Doctors

It’s a website for MEDIHERE doctors.

You can counsel patients via chat and video call.


Whenever You Are Sick or Curious about Your Health,

Join MEDIHERE Membership and Meet Your Own PCP Right Away!





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