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"The American Academy of family physicians" (AAFP) recommends the use of telemedicine as an appropriate and effective means to improve health. "

American Academy of Family Physicians

Common Questions asked 

How can I use MEDIHERE App?

MEDIHERE App can be easily found in Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

How much is the treatment?
Can my insurance cover it?

Regardless of Insurance coverage, MEDIHERE's treatment cost is $69~.
Moreover, we are planning to inform MEDIHERE Insurance Procedure shortly. 


- Preventive Health : $69 

- Urgent Care : $69 

- Second Opinion : $89 

Can I inform MEDIHERE treatment results with my family doctor?

Yes, depending on your consent it is possible to share treatment with your doctor. For more information, contact MEDIHERE via website or email.

Online Doctor for you
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