Virtual Primary Care Membership at ₩14,200/mo!

“Your own PCP is on standby!”

We connect Koreans living abroad with Korean medical doctors with more than 10-year career and provide Virtual Primary Care Membership


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Unlimited virtual primary care with “your own online doctor”

Get instantly connected with doctors w/ 10-year+ career (chat/video call)

Virtual Primary Care membership

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Mild ailments, chronic disease mngt., health consultation and more


 Unlimited virtual primary care with “your own online doctor”

Doctors w/ 10-year+ career (Family medicine physician, Pediatrician)

Get instantly connected with doctors

MEDIHERE’s Services

Family medicine physicians and pediatricians with 10-year+ careers treat primary care, mild ailment, chronic diseases, health consultation and more via chat and video call.


Urgent Care

We care cold, flu, cough, fever, headache, vomiting, asthma, sinus infection, rash, general allergy, seasonal allergy, urticaria, fatigue, migraine, joint pain, stress management, erectile dysfunction and other illnesses


Health Consultation

We care general health consultation, emotional care, smoke-quitting consultation, health examination consultation, vitamin deficiency, children's rash/cold/heat, developmental consultation, vaccination, heart health care, hormone replacement consultation, skin condition, behavioral health check-up, pre-diabetes, obesity, drug intake change, drug interaction, safe use of general medicine


Second Opinion

This is a service to users who want a second opinion service. If you send your medical records, such as existing medical records and video data, to our MEDIHERE online doctors, they will tell you the most effective treatment based on your medical records.


Cold medicine hadn’t worked for me, so I used MEDIHERE and a PCP suggested me an appropriate medication, and I got well soon.

​"It was useful when I was sick"

An acute rash had bothered me, but thanks to MEDIHERE, I has gone away shortly.

​"Whenever, and wherever"

High medical fee kept me away from clinics, so I used MEDIHERE and met them online instead.

​"Affordable price, optimal option!"


What’s MEDIHERE’s membership?

We provide primary care consultation service (via chat/video call) at ₩14,200/mo. MDs on MEDIHERE are with 10+ year careers(specializing in family medicine and pediatrics). Join the MEDIHERE membership and enjoy our primary care, health consultation, management on ailments and chronic diseases services!

Can I receive prescription?

MDs can prescribe you conditionally. Even though you are a paid-user with MEDIHERE membership, you cannot receive a prescription. However, if you use MEDIHERE’s service as a one-time user, you may receive a prescription from the doctor depending on the situation.

Is the service private?

MEDIHERE has a high level of security that is equivalent to financial services. We have AES-256bit encryption and we are HIPAA compliant, and hence the service will stay safe and your medical record will be stored securely.


Unlimited virtual primary care with “your own online doctor”

Whenever You Are Sick or Curious about Your Health,





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