MEDIHERE USA Inc.'s Refund Policy

In order to request a visit with a MEDIHERE USA Inc. provider, a valid payment method will need to be on file. The visit fee will be collected once the visit has been completed and the provider has made the chart available to the patient. A transaction may be eligible for a refund up to 60 days from the date of the completed visit. After this period, MEDIHERE USA Inc. will not review or issue refunds for captured payments.

Patients of MEDIHERE USA Inc. can change scheduled appointment time and date only until an hour before appointment regardless of service methods (e.g. chat, call, video call). Starting from 59 minutes before the scheduled appointment with Medical Providers of MEDIHERE USA Inc., patients cannot change time and date nor receive a refund. If patients of MEDIHERE USA Inc. missed or ignored the notification of the service - chat, call, video call - MEDIHERE USA Inc, cannot reconnect to the Medical Providers of MEDIHERE USA Inc. again, nor take any responsibilities. Service time periods are accurately scheduled and any unwritten adjustments cannot be made. 


MEDIHERE USA Inc.does not guarantee that medication will be prescribed by the treating Medical Provider as they may determine medication is not medically necessary and/or is in violation of MEDIHERE USA’s Prescription Policy. Refunds for completed visit will not be provided solely on the basis that medication was not prescribed.

MEDIHERE USA Inc. may verify patient eligibility received through an employer affiliation at the time of a visit request prior to issuing a refund.





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